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Romantic Cake for Random Season of Romance

Looking for a great romantic cake? Check our set of luscious, hand-baked and adorned cakes. Why mend for less when you can have the finest. Our cakes 'taste as rich as they look', and they're sure to glee your guests on your extraordinary occasion. The House of Cakes specializes in custom orders. Let us make out what colors and special writing are needed.

Gifts are a primary part for any and all occasions. Valentine’s Day is soon imminent and it’s sure that crowd will gather at shops, online gift stores to find the most quixotic gifts for their momentous half. Why not, Valentine’s Day is just the precise occasion to convey your love, care, feelings, affection and sentiments to your loved one.

Quixotic gifts cannot merely be anything. One has to put major efforts to find that idyllic gift which will make your darling feel special and out of the world. Love is the supreme gift one has to give and get. Relation is about making, your love recognized. Without any earnest communication of your love, your darling feels taken for granted. Hence, by giving your adored romantic gifts you can make him or her feel awfully much special and show your heed and concern to him or her.

There are lots of dreamy gift ideas for him & her. An ideal heart shape black forest cake will express literal feelings of your heart. Moreover, a box of delicious chocolates or a bunch of chocolate is sure to flatter your partner. It contains all thaws in mouth, assorted flavors chocolates which will be a delicious luxury for your partner. And if you desire to falter your wife, girlfriend or fiancé then nothing can beat the bouquet of fresh red roses, or a pleasing to the eye bouquet of orchids, carnations and Gerberas!

Nevertheless, romance gifts shouldn't be kept for a just valentine's day, an anniversary or a birthday, but by the petite things you do during the year. Your relationship is what you make it, so make it special with our plethora of romantic gifts.


Romantic Floral Wedding Cake

In connection with our special wedding cake request, which is made months ahead of time, our customer who had as of late moved to Hawaii from the territory, had reached us short of what 2 prior months her wedding date to make a cake with a "Stunning" plan for her 200 or more visitors. She and her life partner cherished one of Rick's cake designs, which he had initially intended for our spouse Bree in 2009, and has been an overall asked for design from spouses since. It is uncommon that we double post outlines, however, certain cakes appear to have mass bid and this is one of them. Rick has never made this particular outline as huge as this and invested a decent measure of time making all the carefully assembled blooms coating the cake. Needing to make sure he had enough blossoms, Rick made 1000 of them and wound up utilizing approximately 700 on the cake. Between the 6-levels secured in fondant, the several blooms everywhere throughout the cake and the incorporation of for the benefit of the most weighty and rich kinds of cake, Hot Fudge Sundae within, this cake weighed a ton! We evaluated that the cake weighed 100 pounds, marginally short of what my weight, however it felt path heavier than me. Rick and I could scarcely transport the cake together and we picked to have the cake conveyed by Rick and an alternate man. Indeed, with two developed men, this cake was a debilitating conveyance!

The cake was conveyed to a home on the east side of Oahu that had a to a great degree substantial front and back yard, which implied the cake must be conveyed about the length of a football field to achieve its end of the line. It was a ravishing undertaking with choice merchants and the cake turned right toward home in nature.


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